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W​elcome to the online home of Christopher Previte. I am an artist, graphic designer, writer, photographer, and educator. I have enjoyed working creatively for over twenty-five years. In that time, I have created content and solutions in the areas of Illustration, Identity & Branding, Print & Web Design, Photography, and Event Media.


My current practice explores themes of loss, responsibility, and impermanence through storytelling. I believe that art and design should be adaptable and nimble and that the best solutions are platform agnostic.

A​dditionally, I fell in love with teaching over sixteen years ago. I truly enjoy the level of joy and infectious energy I feel from helping to create a collaborative and creative space where learning, progress, and hard work take place.


I have taught and developed many courses including Intro to the Adobe Creative Suite, Digital Illustration and Vector Graphics, Digital Image Creation, Senior Graphic Design Portfolio, and UX and Web Design.


| On my education page, you will find the work of my amazing students.


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If you're more of a social networker, the three I frequent are Tumblr, Flickr, and LinkedIn.

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