​I have been an art and design professor for over sixteen years. I have taught and developed many college courses including Intro to the Adobe Creative Suite, Digital Illustration and Vector Graphics, Digital Image Creation, Senior Graphic Design Portfolio, and UX and Web Design. I have also given lectures and held workshops on Visual Storytelling, Concept Development, and The Value of Impermanence.

As a department chairperson, I have led a team of faculty and industry advisors in the creation of a new Graphic & Web Design Program, worked on NEASC accreditation readiness committees, and have served on committees focused on textbooks, technology, curriculum, and accreditation review.


I am an active student advisor and contribute to the school's persistence and graduation efforts, working to reduce student attrition through compassion and an honest relationship with students. I am very aware of a course's connection to the program as a whole, the college's mission, and the expectations of the art and graphic design community. I am an active and engaging member of the college and endeavor to contribute to the vibrancy of the intellectual life of my students.


> Currently, I am seeking a full-time, art and design professor position.


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| Intro to Adobe CS


| Intro to Adobe CS


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The Value of Impermanence



I've been thinking about how people interact, information

we share, the circumstantial nature of relationships, and impressions we make on

each other.


You can arrive in a new place for the first time and ask one of the locals, “Hey, what’s a good place to eat around here?” and you’ll often get, along with a suggestion or two, a story to go along with it.


We’ll listen intently, as interested in the stranger's personality as we are in the words he or she is saying. What is shared is ostensibly about a good place to eat, but also about so much more.


We are left with an

impression that is subjective, circumstantial, and impermanent. Nonetheless, it becomes part of our memory of that place, and maybe, leads us to a tasty lunch.

The idea of impermanence as a legitimate avenue for design occupies my thoughts. I think about the

pseudo-permanent nature of all the data that we share on the Internet. Millions of photos, and recipes,

and tweets, and such. All these collections growing through constant documentation. Perhaps

impermanence is not the antithesis of documentation, but its counterbalance. As designers, we should

consider interfaces and user experiences that honor that part of the human experience. What’s more,

perhaps users should be equally concerned with what they discard as what they keep.



I last gave this presentation at:

The 20th Future of Health Technology Summit

Bartos Theater, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA



I am available to continue this conversation as a presentation and lecture at a conference or in a classroom setting. Please contact me with any interest.


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